Yambla View 'Wambariga' Lookout


The new lookout is located off Hanel’s Road, Woomargama within the Woomargama National Park.

The lookout includes a bespoke steel walkway which leads to views of Yambla Range, including Table Top and Benambra Nature Reserves and out to the plains of the Riverina. It also provides access for wheelchairs via the raised steel walkway and includes disabled toilet and picnic facilities. 

The original name of the rock formation was Hanel’s Lookout. The name was changed to reflect the placement of the viewing platform and the local Aboriginal history. There are two important components that make up the new name of the Lookout. Yambla View depicts the view of the striking Yambla Range to the north west and ‘Wambariga’, the local Wiradjuri name for native cherry was included to acknowledge the Aboriginal significance of the area, following consultation with Elders from the Albury and District Local Aboriginal Land Council.

Photo courtesy of Matt Beaver Photography.