Table Top Reserve

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Table Top Nature Reserve

The outstanding geographical feature of the district is Table Top Mountain, a group of 3 main peaks, emerging on the southern end of the Table Top Range. The actual Table Top peak is a flat plateau rising to a height of 621 m. The other 2 peaks are Pulpit Rock (602 m) and Loka Peak or Rock (666 m).

The shape of the mountain changes with the location of the viewer, from a series of individual peaks to appearing as a single peak. From whatever angle, it is beautiful, enhanced by an array of ever-changing colours. The mountain was known by the aborigines who lived in this area as “Mullyan-yar-gunyah” or “Mullyanyandera” – broadly translated as “the home or breeding place of eagles”.

Many Aboriginal artefacts have been recorded from this area. A cave that was reputedly used in the 1860s as a refuge for the notorious bushranger Mad Dan Morgan is also located here. Access to the area is by way of 4WD through private land. Table Top Mountain Experience provides guided tours, bushwalking or 4WD access to view the geology, flora, fauna and history of Table Top Mountain (including after-dark tours).

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