Lake Hume

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Lake Hume is a popular tourist destination with things to see and do all year round including boating, fishing, camping, sightseeing and many more recreational activities.

The construction of the Hume Dam commenced on 28 November 1919 and was completed in 1936. The construction site was initially referred to as ‘the Mitta Mitta Dam site', but in February 1920 the River Murray Commission adopted the name ‘Hume Reservoir' to honour Hamilton Hume, who was one of the first Europeans to see and cross the River Murray.

Lake Hume is estimated to hold approximately six times the volume of water in Sydney Harbour. The small towns of Tallangatta, Bonegilla and Bellbridge are located on the shores of Lake Hume. The reservoir is often referred to as the Hume Weir, only named Lake Hume in the mid-1980s.

Lake Hume is the furthest upstream of the major reservoirs on the Murray River system and has the capacity to release water at the fastest rate. Irrigation authorities used the reservoir as the storage of first resort. The reservoir typically falls to less than one-third capacity by March each year, but in normal years refills to at least two-thirds capacity before November, though Australia's highly unpredictable climatic conditions cause these figures to vary quite significantly from year to year.


Fishing is a very popular recreational activity at Lake Hume. Golden perch, Murray cod, rainbow trout, brown trout, redfin and carp are found in the lake. 

NSW Recreational Fishing Licence holders will no longer be required to possess a Victorian licence when fishing in Lake Hume. This initiative, part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to reduce red tape and regulatory burdens, will allow NSW licence holders to fish on the Murray River from its source in the Australian Alps all the way to the South Australian border on the one licence.

From 1 January 2021, for an initial trial period of 12 months, people fishing at Lake Hume can hold a valid Victorian or NSW fishing licence. Victorian fishing regulations will continue to apply to the whole of Lake Hume, no matter which licence is held.

With this change, NSW licence holders will now be saved the regulatory hassle that comes from having to have one states RFL when fishing in Lake Hume and another when fishing up or downstream from it.

The Victorian Government sees this as a step toward full licence reciprocity along the length of the Murray River bordered by Victoria and NSW and intend to write to NSW Fisheries to continue to push for full fishing licence reciprocity along the Murray River to further cut red tape for fishers. 

Terry Maloney, Secretary of South West Anglers Association, says "This is great news for local anglers removing the need for two licences to fish in their own backyard. It also removes the confusion that visitors have experienced in the belief that the Murray River was all NSW water. Victorian Fisheries are to be commended on their management of Lake Hume with the fishing for Murray Cod and Golden Perch at an all-time high. This is a very welcome initiative by Vic Fisheries and one that will please all local fishers."

Lake Hume is stocked annually with golden perch, brown and rainbow trout by Fisheries Victoria. Murray cod are stocked in the Mitta River upstream of Lake Hume. Lake Hume is stocked according to decisions made at Victoria Fish Stock meetings. Lake Hume is designated as Victorian waters for licensing and fishery purposes.

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