Holbrook Paddock Eggs

124 Albury Street, Holbrook, 2644

Holbrook Paddock Eggs is family owned and operated by Sam and Prue Pincott with the assistance of their four young daughters. 

In 2010, the business started out with 50 hens in a caravan. After becoming disillusioned with mainstream farming, it was decided that a trial would be undertaken using the hens as portable fertilisers for the pastures. Soon realizing that 50 hens would have minimal impact on the paddocks, the business needed to grow. Now there are 10,000 laying hens and send fresh eggs to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and regionally every week. 

The Holbrook Paddock Eggs store showcases the story and provides interactive information on how the chickens are raised and eggs are collected. 

It also houses a beautiful boutique shop, that ranges from all things chickens to cookware and hone decor. A one stop shop for all!


  • Family Friendly
  • Gallery / Museum
  • Interactive Centre
  • Shop / Gift Shop