We have a wide array of shops in our area so you are bound to find something special here for everyone.

You could spend days rummaging through our bookshops and op shops, admiring local creativity at galleries, shopping for plants and flowers at nurseries, or finding that perfect piece of décor at one of our gift shops. Explore the landscape and soak up the atmosphere in our towns and villages as you fill your car with bargains, pre-loved clothes, and original artworks.

A loop would take you through Culcairn, Henty, Holbrook, Gerogery, Jindera, Bungowannah and Walla Walla. 

Your first stop in Culcairn will lead you to some beautiful shops such as Hub 'n' Hive, Curiouser 'n' Curiouser, the Culcairn Craft Shop and Culcairn Antiques who offer a fantastic range of soft furnishing, giftware, garden ware and homemade goods.

Your next stop in Henty will take you to a variety of stores like Judy's Bazaar, Monica's Inspirational Shop, Henty Creative Gallery and VentyHintage who will have something special in store whether you are shopping for an art lover or a avid gardener. 

A stop in Holbrook will leave you with an arm full of goodies like some beautiful jewellery or clothing from Hello Maude or Bella Lou the Store, an eye-catching piece of art from Satch and Co or Lea_Bic Photography or something special to add to someone's home from Lady Gail's Bookshop and Curios, or Glenross Antiques. 

Within the Gerogery Hotel, The Riverina Hamper Co. will have the perfect gift for a range of ages and tastes. All items are locally sourced from Riverina Murray producers.

Jindera has the Flower Mill who will provide the perfect bunch for flowers for that special person. 

Out in Bungowannah you will find Wrenwood Farm Shop, Gallery and Nursery who will have you covered with art, produce, antiques, vintage wares, garden plants and handmade items, a one-stop-shop for even your pickiest of friends. 

Your final stop in Walla Walla will take you to Walla Wares where you will find a hidden trove of antiques, up-cycled furniture and collectables.  


Greater Hume has a lot to offer our visitors and we have compiled a list of great shopping spots for each town below.


  • Cottage Garden and Nursery 



T: 02 6026 6099

 I: Instagram


T: 02 6029 8201

I: Hub 'n' Hive

T: 02 6029 8265 

T: 0478 179 965

T: 0418 691 214 


T: 0425 375 756

F: The Riverina Hamper Co.


T: 02 6929 7201 

T: 02 6929 3738

T: 0487 892 761

 I: Instagram

T: 0427 293 228 

T: 02 6920 1057

T: 0408 825 590

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T: 0418 398 065 

T: 0417 367 555 


T: 0432 715 432 


W: Bella Lou the Store 

  • Glenross Antiques

T: 02 6036 3122 

  • Grimwoods Craft Store

T: 02 6036 9558

T: 0428 893 230

 I: Instagram

  • Lady Gail's Bookshop & Curios

T: 0467 852 409

T: 0474 091 140

T: 0419 429 959

T: 0407 343 528

W: Website

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  • The Last Post Bookshop

T: 0419 218 078

T: 0407 303 138


T: 0407 122 732

W: Flower Mill Jindera

I: Instagram 



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Walla Walla

T: 0431 120 059

I: Instagram

T: 0412 378 451

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