Woomargama National Park - Tin Mines Campground

Tin Mines Campground.jpg

Woomargama National Park Tin Mines campground is located in the western section of Woomargama National Park. You must make a booking if you wish to camp in the park.

To get there from Albury:

  • Travel north on Hume Highway
  • Take the Woomargama exit
  • Turn right into Tunnel Road and travel about 10km to the park boundary
  • Turn left onto Tin Mines trail and travel approx 20km to the campground

Check the weather before you set out as the road to Tin Mines campground can become boggy when it rains.

  • Unsealed roads
  • All roads require 4WD vehicle
  • Dry weather only
  • Parking is available at Tin Mines campground
  • Sealed pit toilets

Many of the wildflowers are in bloom; including the pale-pink common fringe myrtle; native fuchsia, with its red bell-shaped flowers, and the yellow bitter-peas. Tank water is available at this campground, but you'll need to treat or boil it before drinking. Rubbish bins are not available, so please take your rubbish with you when leaving.