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The Trek Wagon Walla Walla - Walla Walla


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The German heritage of Walla Walla survives today with Walla Walla home to the Zion Lutheran Church. Built in 1924, it's the largest Lutheran Church in New South Wales and seats almost 600 people.

Standing close by is a faithfully restored replica of one of the German Wagons that made The Trek from Adelaide to Walla Walla, standing as a reminder of the heritage of settlers. Original German wagons were painted with a blue body and red wheels. This colour combination was first used in early Lutheran churches, with blue symbolising heavenly love or the colour of truth, and red representing the colour of blood or fire and symbolising confession as well as the Holy Spirit.

German wagons typically had outward sloping sides and due to their weight and bulk (constructed from red or blue gum) could not be imported and thus were manufactured in Australia.